Three Sister Garden (corn, beans and squash)

The way corn was grown centuries in America. The idea is to combine corn, pole beans (different from bush beans) and any squash (pumpkin, zucchini, summer squash, and patty pan squash).
Corn grows tall and requires nitrogen, pole beans will climb up the corn and they will provide nitrogen in the soil. Squash has large leaves which will protect the soil from water loss and weeds, as well as animals who would like to eat the sweet corn. You thought you are the only one who likes it?
Grow corn first, plant seeds after soil is warm and no frost is expected anymore. When corn grows to be couple inches, plant beans close to it (couple beans per each corn) and plant squash as a border (any squash or pumpkin will work). Plant couple flowers around: zinnia, marigold, petunias.
Three Sister Garden 2013
Above is a simple diagram of how your three sister garden may look. You can make it larger or smaller depending on your space and family needs.


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