The snow is warming my soul

The silver snowflakes are covering the garden. It is night and all is dark, except the orange street light. The snow glimmers as it moves with the wind, it is a sight unlike anything else… it is snowing. My thoughts wonder, it is so quiet around me and very cold. All is still, all is dressed in a shinny blanket of snow.
I think about my plants under this cover of wonder, cover of silver and diamonds. This heavy snowfall comes at a great time, before the bitter cold. I think of the milkweeds for monarch butterflies, the gladiolus for the colorful display in the summer, the  sorrel for my delicious sorrel soup, I think of all the creatures big and small who will enjoy the beauty and the bounty. The plants will survive the cold under this magnificent blanket of fluffy snow. The snow warms my soul and I fall asleep, to dream of bright orange monarch butterflies as they fly and the colors and the aromas of the late summer in the meadow…

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