Organize seeds

It is this time of the year, when the seeds are everywhere (at least in my house) . Stay organized with this method.

You will need:

– a 3-ring binder

– clear photo sleeve refills (3.5x5in) for 3-ring binder

– seeds!!!

– cat helper (optional)

The cat helper

The 3.5×5 has 4 pockets, and most of the seed packets fit very well in that pocket. Because the sleeve is clear, you can see the back of the seed packets and read the instructions without taking the seeds out.

You can organize your folder by the type of plants, by planning time, any system that makes sense to you.

You can add pages in between the sleeves with notes, plans, drawings, whatever you want. The sky is the limit!

If you try this system, let me know by tagging me on instagram (strawhatrequred). I would love to see where you take this system.

Since I started using this system, it takes much faster to find the seeds I want, easier to keep track what I have and just plain fun to look at all those cool seeds (I may or may not have spent hours going through my folders during winter, don’t judge, you will do it too).

Happy seed organization! And great success is seed planting!


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