March 8th is coming

This is the last day of February 2017. It is cold and rainy day, with thunder somewhere far away. But there is hope and there is a promise of spring, of renewal and of warmth. There is anticipation of colorful flowers and the dream of multitude of butterflies and the awakening songs of birds and it all is happening around us… Can you hear it? Do you fell it? Let us make this spring unforgettable!

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite holidays, which is March 8th also known as the international women’s day. I grew up in Belarus, where this holiday was a big deal. It is a celebration of spring, a hybrid of western holidays like mother’s day, valentine’s day. By that time of the year there were more sunny days and warm, the snow was melting, the birds were busily singing their praises to the coming spring. There was always anticipation and happiness associated with the coming of March 8th.

I loved this spring holiday from early childhood. The boys from school would give us small gifts and flowers, it was so awkward for them, but they were so cute and tried so hard to make us feel good. My mom always was excited to see what dad would give her. We exchanged gifts and cards of friendship with the closes girlfriends. I loved getting cards and I was so happy to see smiles or gratitude as my beloved friends would read the cards I gave them. On those cards were pictures and drawings of bright colored spring flowers, I have almost all of those card to this day! There was always sun, love and excitement on March 8th!

Friends, I know that each one of us has amazing women in our lives… Let us make this spring unforgettable for them! Let us remember one of those sweet friends we have not seen for years, let us make all women in our lives feel loved, beautiful and respected! Let us send cards to them, give them small gifts, call them, e-mail or ask them to a dinner or share a cut of hot beverage and a cake.

Let us make this spring special for someone! Happy March 8th to you all…wishing you warm and sunny spring, colorful dreams of flowers, many butterflies and birds in your gardens and cherished and beloved people in you life…health and happiness…


Straw Hat Girl