Why start plants from seeds?

Why should you start plants from seeds? I am glad you asked! Let me list some of the reasons why you should consider doing so, (this is in no way a comprehensive list):

  • Varieties! There are many more exiting and delicious or plain weird varieties available as seeds compare to transplants. Also you can make sure you get heirloom (vintage) varieties and not GMO.
  • You get what you expect. I have gotten plants from the nurseries that were not what OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwas promised. I got pepper as promised, but the variety was not even close.
  • You save money (you know I am all about saving those greens). It takes you couple of dollars to get from 25 to 500 seeds (depending on the plant). It will take about the same amount or more to purchase a plant or two. Please talk to your friends and your community and try to find seed exchange or swap in your area. If you can’t find anything like that – organize seed exchange yourself (more on that later).
  • It is so much fun to watch plants growing from seeds, while it is still cold and dead outside (this is one of the things that keeps me from going crazy around mid February from the lack of sunshine and garden therapy, because I am one of those solar powered people, you know!)

 You can see a picture of my peppers and broccoli happily growing in their newspaper pots (learn how to make them here).