Method for growing the best tomatoes!

Tomatoe Harvest-001Let me share with you the best method to grow   the greatest and largest tomatoes you have ever grown. My family has been   using this method for years and it has not failed! I made a little diagram   for you to look at (you know, one picture is worth many words! please find it below on the right with description on the left). This method   gives your plants extra roots and extra roots = better plants and more   tomatoes! Do not forget to grow companion plants with tomatoes. Plants love   friends too!!! I love to grow basil, calendula and zinnias next to my   tomatoes.

Tomatoes Growing Method 2013

1. Get your transplants ready.

2. Discard all bottom leaves, leaving only two or three leaves on the top (put those unwanted leaves in compost).

3. Dig a trench in the ground and gently lay down your tomato plant.

4. Bury the plants stem, leaving those couple leaves out.

5. Walk away for a couple of weeks (I do not know about you, but I have to see my plants every day). You can stake them at this point or wait longer.

At this point, tomatoes may take a couple of weeks to get going, but after that they will take off! Let me know if you have any questions or need more instructions. And as always – put your straw hat on and go play in some dirt!